THIS MAY BE HARD TO WATCH, Full Disclosure Now, Apocalypse Ascension Unveiling Events

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

This is what I know from more than one lifetime traveling, exploring, learning, training, and seeing with the breakaway civilization.

I was “shown a video” of the spacex explosion from the perspective and speed of the craft.

The stasis beings are kept alive because they hold genetics that keeps this realm from breaking apart at the seams.

False flags will increase as long as there is the tendency to accept violent action in the population.

Geo-engineering is to postpone the Earth changes that will flip flop the geological and climate patterns as well as to magnetize and electrify the sky for a synthetic intelligence that can alter the minds of the population as well as manipulate time and space.

The sun is used as a portal and fuel source for electrogravitic craft to navigate times and planes.

Satanism and pedophilia is used by the watchers to control and manipulate those…

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Fuddy/Diver 200K Mystery hits

Accidental Patriot

This is a quick recap to a conversation I had with my brother, who is a State Trooper, over Christmas dinner with regards to what my family calls “the diver pictures”. These pics are the ones I pulled off the video taken of Loretta Fuddy in the water after the ‘engine failure’ in Hawaii, and can be found here. . I believe they show a black ops type diver in the water with Loretta Fuddy minutes after the crash, holding her foot and injecting something.

In February of 2014 I posted the diver article. I sent it to the same 20 sites I had used before for my Obama birth certificate articles and went to bed. I was used to getting a few hundred hits total, but by the time I got up the next day, this article with the diver pics had been viewed over 100,000 times. I…

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Stay Focused

Underground Bases DNA Activation The Unveiling

No matter what they say, you are in control. If you have overcome the BS, then you have done it. The last effort of the ‘elite’ is to pretend they are an angry mob out to ‘take down’ the elite. They’re just going to attack anyone who mentions ritual abuse or mental liberation.

True independence means you’re also not propping yourself up to ‘fight’ in a super special war against dark groups that rely on your reliance. That is the game. One side helps the other side. The ‘freedom fighters’ are literally required and the counterpart to the oppression.

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